Biomedical aspects

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In the SwiSCI study, one of the aims is assessment of prevalence of comorbidities, associated injuries and health conditions in persons with SCI.

A second aim of SwiSCI is studying cause specific morbidity, crude death rate and cause specific morbidity. 

A third aim is getting more insight of the direct and indirect association of health conditions, body structures and body functions with functioning and quality of life (QOL).


An important further aim of SwiSCI is to study the role of aging in persons with SCI. Examples of study questions are: "What types of age-related health conditions and problems are most likely to emerge at an earlier age in individuals aging with SCI, relative to individuals who do not have an SCI?" or "What is the time course or trajectory of these health conditions associated with aging with SCI?" or "How is aging with SCI differentiated from incurring an SCI during old age?".

Studying the influence of age and time since injury on functioning, morbidity and mortality allows us to understand aging in the SCI population.

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