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Clinique Romande de Réadaptation

With its unique range of services- prevention, insurance and rehabilitation- the Suva offers the insured person a comprehensive health protection. In its own clinics, one of the major concerns is the rehabilitation of people who had an accident. Its objective is the best possible treatment of the consequences of an accident. This includes medical, technical, psychological, social and professional measures.

Next to traditional subject areas, the Clinique Romande de Réadapation (CRR) also offers rehabilitation services for para- and quadriplegics, burn injuries as well as the areas of technical orthopedics and professional reintegration. Medical director of the CRR Sion is Dr. Gilles Rivier.


The non-profit association ParaHelp supports paraplegics as well as people with neurologically caused paralysis conditions. ParaHelp plays an important role as an outpatient counseling service in the context of holistic rehabilitation for persons with spinal cord injury and their relatives. The aim is to support the person with spinal cord injury quickly and comprehensively when needed.

A central concern is- apart from avoiding complications- the conservation of as much independence as possible and autonomy of the person with spinal cord injury, thus the effectiveness of the rehabilitation is supported and fostered. Through ParaHelp, the situation at home can be optimized and the quality of life can be improved. ParaHelp is working with outpatients in the whole of Switzerland and is stationed at the sites Nottwil, Märstetten, Yvonand and Vicques.

Manager of ParaHelp is Mirjana Bosnjakovic.


The REHAB Basel is a centre for highly specialized treatment and rehabilitation of paraplegic or brain injured people after an accident or illness. For this purpose, the patients are taken directly to the monitoring station after first care at the hospital centre. Especially patients with double trauma, spinal and brain injuries and related symptoms are treated here. Additionally, the Rehab Basel operates the only vigil coma station in Switzerland.

The REHAB Basel aims for holistic rehabilitation which means also a comprehensive social and- where possible- professional reintegration into society. Director of the Rehab Basel is Stephan Bachmann and the medical director is PD Dr. Margret Hund-Georgiadis

SwiSCI - a multicenter study

SwiSCI has several cooperation partners and is operating as a multicenter study at the following clinical centres: Rehab Basel in Basel, Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, Clinique Romande de Réadaptation in Sion and University Hospital Zurich-Balgrist. Furthermore there are close cooperation partners like the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, the Swiss Paraplegic Association and the outpatient counseling service ParaHelp, which are involved in the development and implementation of the study.

Scientists of the SwiSCI Study Center are also collaborating with national and foreign paraplegiology experts and researchers in order to guarantee the highest possible scientific quality.

Swiss Paraplegic Association

The Swiss Paraplegic Association is the national umbrella organization of paraplegics and associates with about 11000 members. As a self-help organization, it supports para- and quadriplegics throughout Switzerland. The Swiss Paraplegic Association offers all wheelchair users a wealth of services free of charge or at a discounted rate, so they can cope with daily living after discharge from the clinic. Those services are provided by the departments 'Wheelchair Sports Switzerland', 'Centre for Obstacle-Free Building', 'Culture and Leisure', 'Institute for Social and Legal Counseling' as well as 'Life Counseling'. Furthermore, the 26 wheelchair clubs function as regional pillars and carry the idea of solidarity into the whole of Switzerland. The vision of the Association is full integration and equal opportunities for all people with spinal cord injury in society. Director of the Swiss Paraplegic Association is Laurent Prince

Swiss Paraplegic Centre

The Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil is one of the leading centres for paraplegics, spinal injuries and diseases of the spine. The principle of a private specialized clinic is based on professional first care, holistic rehabilitation and a lifelong accompaniment of paraplegics. The individual use of experts and instruments aims for the best possible complete restoration of the psychological, physiological and social structures of persons with spinal cord injury. Prerequisite for this is a professional rescue at the accident site and appropriate acute therapy, first rehabilitation by specialists for physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as specialists for diagnostics, surgery, therapy and care. A lifelong accompaniment with the help of experts contributes to professional care and to a high degree of autonomy in daily life. Director of Swiss Paraplegic Centre is Dr. Hans Peter Gmünder.

Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation was established in 1975 by Guido A. Zäch. It is an important reference organization for paraplegic people worldwide. The basis for its activities is the vision of a holistic rehabilitation of para- and quadriplegics with the objective of enabling the person with spinal cord injury to lead an autonomous life as far as this is possible. The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation runs a close-knit network with its subsidiary organisations and it accompanies the paraplegics in all stages of life. Several thousand persons with spinal cord injury have found their way back into an active life style- due to the highly specialized medical care, the optimal integration into work, family and society, but also thanks to the specific research activity and life-long support.Heidi Hanselmann is president of the board of trustees and Joseph Hofstetteris manageing director of the Foundation.

University Hospital Balgrist

Universitätsklinik Balgrist

The University Hospital Balgrist is a private, highly specialized competence centre for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all damage to the musculoskeletal system. The paraplegic centre of the University hospital guarantees paraplegic people a comprehensive care from first care to long-term rehabilitation. For an individually optimized treatment, all relevant disciplines work together in a team. The medical areas of neurology, urology, orthopedics and internal medicine are supported by specially trained nurses, therapists and counseling experts. The services offered are complemented with social and psychological support, legal counseling, professional reintegration measures, bridging accommodation and further services. The rehabilitation objective is to restore the highest possible degree of mobility and independence. Chief consultant and director of the Spinal Cord Injury Centre is Prof. Dr. Armin Curt.

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